Top 10 Programs Teens Want @ the Library

This is absolutely amazing! I need to use some of these ideas!

Library Bonanza

10. Gigantic Bowling – 53 votes


9. Candy Sushi – 54 votes

I can feel my innards melting I can feel my innards melting

8. Movie Marathon -56 votes


7. Scavenger Hunt – 59 votes


6. Totally Tech Lock-In – 60 votes


5. Mini-Golf in the Library – 60 votes


4. Giant Board Games – 60 votes


3. Chocolate Fondue & Hershey Kisses Bingo – 62 votes


2. Tie Dye Backpacks – 64 votes

tie dye

1. Pizza Tasting Contest – 64 votes


What do these results show? Give teens food, and they will come.

And here are the other results from a survey of 91 teens in Mundelein, Illinois. Teens could vote for as many as they wanted from a list of options:


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