About Me/Resume

Justina Wuebker

Work Experience

Library Assistant        Lake City Public Library                        June 2013-Present

  • Circulation/reference desk, re-designing and managing the website
  • Shelving books, updating online calendar, creating/maintaining social media accounts
  • Minor programming duties, processing overdue and lost materials
  • Familiar with Beacon circulation and reporting (soon to be converting to KOHA via Bywater)



Library Assistant                 Rockwell City Public Library           Summers 2009-2011, 2012-Present

  • Circulation/reference desk, minor copycat cataloging, managing interlibrary loans
  • Processing materials, creating flyers, updating online calendar
  • Assist with planning and co-running Children’s Programs
  • Created Facebook/Twitter pages, creating/managing Pinterest boards
  • Familiar with Atriuum, Concourse, OPAC circulation and reporting



Library Assistant        Hudson Public Library                  September 2012-May 2013

  • Circulation/reference desk, manage interlibrary loans
  • Shelve books, reserve books for patrons, enforcing behavior policy
  • Plan monthly programs for community members, help clean/maintain library


Student Manager, Student Assistant     Vogel Library, Wartburg College                January 2010-2013

  • Circulation and reference desks, manage student employees
  • Shelving, shelf-reading, inventory, finding lost materials, create monthly displays
  • Organize and maintain the Curriculum Library section, maintain Facebook page
  • Familiar with Millennium Circulation Consortium





University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI                        Anticipated Graduation in 2016

College of Letters and Science

Masters of Library and Information Studies


Wartburg College, Waverly, IA                                                   May 2013

Bachelor Degree in English

Minors: Business and Leadership Certificate



Collegiate Involvement

  • Perfect Imperfection – Promotes body acceptance of all shapes and sizes and boosts self-esteem. I helped with Homecoming activities for several years.
  • Pen & Inc. and Writing Circle– English/Writing Club for members to help improve and share work with peers.
  • Phi Beta Lambda – Business Club – won 1st place in Help Desk at Spring 2012 State Meeting.
  • Wartburg Alliance – The campus LBGTQ group. I helped make a blanket for charity, attended occasional meetings and panels, promoted the group around campus.
  • V-Week – Raises awareness about violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and sex slavery. Participated in the Vagina Monologues as part of V-Week.
  • Sexual Misconduct and Assault Resource Team (SMART) –Providing education on sexual assault and sexual harassment to campus community. Helped perform room checks and participated in Homecoming activities
  • Community Builders – Teaching and leading a sixth grade class in leadership skills and community engagement as part of a leadership class at Wartburg College



Professional Involvement

Iowa Library Association Member                                            2013-2014

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