Op Ed Assignment

Op Ed Assignment

Wuebker – Editorial Article to The Graphic

Description of Artifact

This is an Op Ed to my local newspaper discussing the things that our library does for children in the community from birth to teen years, as well as thanking them for their donations and educating them about our newest item of interest in the library — a computer loaded with learning games targeted at elementary school children.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 2a. Students evaluate and debate information policy and ethics issues applicable in local, national or global contexts.

Knowledge is power and by providing the community with information about the libraries programs, there is a better chance that more people in the community will take advantage of this programming that they may not have known about previously. After tightening the argument and adding more concrete facts, I may submit this to the local paper.

Extracurriculars Justification (only if you select an extracurricular type)

This is an article I wrote that has to do with one of my library jobs outside of school. We just got new computers that are specifically programmed with learning games for elementary school students to help them develop skills that they are learning in school. We haven’t made a public announcement about them yet, and so after I edit this article more and tighten it up as suggested, I may submit it to the paper with my Library DIrector’s permission.