Title of Artifact

Wuebker LIS620 Final Reflection

Description of Artifact

This was the final reflection for my Practicum experience in LIS 620. It talks about how effective I thought my experience was with the program and what I did while I was there.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 4c. Students participate in extracurricular activities in the field.

While taking LIS 620, I participated in the requirement to log 120 hours in the field. While I was working at the Bondurant Community Library, I attended staff meetings, I stayed late to help put on a program called Trains Across America, and I helped make displays. It was important when following the director’s itinerary to participate in some of the same extracurricular experiences that she did so that I could see more of what the director does on a daily basis.

Learning Outcome 4d. Students demonstrate innovation and skills necessary for leadership.

Leadership is important for becoming a library director and in order to be able to lead a small town library, the director needs to be able to balance the budgets. By working closely with the director, I made a schedule to show when certain bills were due, I completed a mock Annual Report for the State Library of Iowa, I prepared bill warrants for the Board of Trustees each month, and I went over a yearly budget with the director, discussing how changes were made and what could be done if changes were needed in order to save money. I learned not only to manage the money, but also to anticipate needs for the years to come within the budget.