Public Library School Age Program Observation

Title of Artifact

Public Library School Age Program Observation

Description of Artifact

For this assignment, we were to observe a program at a public library where the elementary aged children were the primary audience in order to look critically at how the programming serves the specific population and to see the approach of the programmer offering the program.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 1b – Students apply key concepts with respect to theories and practices of literacies, reading, and the information use of others.

I learned how to objectively observe children’s programming while applying the practices of utilizing space and population data to tailor a program for the target audience. The two main blogs we read throughout the course used specific outlines for their programs and when comparing them objectively to a program with a different outline, it clarified why order and organization make a program flow with more ease. We also used the experience as a chance to see how various libraries set up their children’s areas and what layouts work best to keep the sightline to the main desk but also utilize the space in the best way.