Connectivity Lib Guide

Title of Artifact

Connectivity Lib Guide

Description of Artifact

I worked with a team to create a Lib Guide on broadband infrastructure resources to further Madison, Wisconsin’s goal of enhancing their digital infrastructure in the under-served areas of the city. It is prepared as if we were a team chosen by the city council to help them find appropriate resources to for presenting to the mayor on both why and how to continue the project.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 3a -Students organize and describe print and digital information resources.

Most of the sources in this project are annotated for the convenience of the Mayor of Madison, who they are written for. We organized the sources by media type and then described the sources that were ambiguous in nature. While many of the print resources were explanatory in nature, the web and database sources needed some explanation so that someone unfamiliar to them would have an idea of what the source could do for them before reading further into it.

Learning Outcome 3b –  Students select and evaluate print and digital information resources for use by others.

This project helped us to learn to evaluate which sources were the most applicable for a specific usage. While there were many articles available on broadband infrastructure, we focused solely on ones that would help us further the cause in Madison, Wisconsin for their specific project. It was difficult to find relevant print resources, but we worked as a team and each person came up with 3 on their own and we limited them down to the best sources possible.

Learning Outcome 4a – Students evaluate, problem solve and think critically, both individually and in teams.

As a team, under each topic heading we all brought resources to the table and then went over all of the resources we’d gathered together as a team in order to find the most informative articles to pass along in the Lib Guide. We evaluated them on their relevance to the specific area and on how applicable they would be to the specific situation. We were able to create a list of premium sources and weed out the helpful, but not as important sources through teamwork and our own evaluation skills.

Learning Outcome 4b – Students demonstrate good oral and written communication skills.

Concise wording was important for this project as it is written for the web and to be a helpful resource for city officials. With many different voices writing all parts of the project, grammar and continuity was a serious issue that we addressed. I was part of the final editing process and went over the Lib Gide many times to ensure that the spacing was correct along with the grammar and content, so that the entire project flowed well and was uniformly done.