Go Big Read Grant Project


LIS 450 Grant Application Assignment

Description of Artifact

The Go Big Read Grant Project is a grant written for the public library system in Denver, Colorado. It involves many community partnerships and contains a very extensive budget covering not only all materials costs, but also the cost of anyone working on the project within the grant. It shows which workers are paid by their own companies, which are paid by the grant, and what each person is doing for each part of the project.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 1a. Students apply key concepts with respect to the relationship between power, knowledge, and information.

The Go Big Read grant challenged everything I’d previously known about writing grants and showed me how much more detailed larger grant projects need to be so that everyone and everything is accounted for. We needed to research exactly what field positions at the places involved would be accomplishing which tasks and why, how expensive it would be for that person to do it, and what they would need to accomplish it. I learned that the power balance at larger libraries is much different than at smaller libraries and the team members who do various tasks are much different due to their differently sized workloads.