Short Webinar Presentation


Short Webinar Presentation

Description of Artifact

A presentation discussing Iowa Common Core proficiencies in Technology Literacy for various age groups. The presentation is an effort to improve self-presentation as most academic and several public libraries require a short presentation to potential colleagues in order to be hired.

SLIS Learning Outcomes Justification

Learning Outcome 2b. Students apply core ethical principles to professional practice.

Researching which ages are to be at various technical literacy levels has helped me to see what programs I would be able to plan on the computer for different ages of students. It would not be right for me to plan a program at a high school proficiency level for middle school students and expect them to keep up as I try to move the program along. Knowing what age group you are teaching to and what they are able to retain sounds like a mild ethical issue, but some content can rile up parents who don’t wish their child to be working with certain information, be it political, ethical, or a social issue.

Learning Outcome 3d. Students understand and use appropriate information technologies.

I learned how to make a video of a presentation and share it with others, should I be asked to give a talk somewhere and not be able to attend. I had to problem solve with JING as it did not end up working on my computer and ended up downloading Capture for a 30-day free trial. Because of this, I don’t have the video saved in a format available for sharing. I had been previously unaware of the ability to video what was on my computer screen and narrate it, and this has proven to be very handy in teaching others how to do things as well as in giving presentations through my courses at SLIS.