SLIS Projects

451: Connectivity Lib Guide Project

Our question, which my group provided a Lib Guide to help individuals answer:

The City of Madison has formed a Digital Technology Committee to advise the Mayor and Common Council on ways to improve the city’s digital infrastructure. By providing infrastructure improvements to more low-income neighborhoods, the City hopes to make high-speed Internet more accessible and affordable for residents, businesses, and visitors.  The Committee and the City of Madison would benefit from knowledge of what other communities have done to improve digital infrastructure. How have other cities examined Internet-readiness and addressed improving infrastructure? What technical, political, and legal challenges arise when dealing with the many businesses, utilities, and government agencies involved in such a project? Have there been successful (or unsuccessful) digital infrastructure projects in other cities that Madison can learn from?

The Lib Guide: ConnectivityLibGuide


450: Go Big Read Grant Application

 Grant Project Description: NEA CALL Grant Application modified

The bits of the final project that I can find:

Narrative: GrantNarrative–Draft2Recovered

Budget: Budget

Budget Justification: BudgetJustification


551: Presentation/User Guide for the McCauley Bird Sound Webpage

Presentation: Macaulay Library

User Guide: Macaulay Library User Guide


712: Public Library Field Report

The report, minus two small sections because I can’t find the final: TeamFieldProject


 848: Observe a School Age Program

Program Observation: PublicLibrarySchoolAgeProgramObservation


644: Technology Implementation Project

Project Description: ProjectDescriptions

Project: ProjectPlanDraft

Website created:

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