New Position at a New Job in a New Town in the Same State

I’m super excited about my new job! I get to be the Programs Librarian/Clerk. That means I make up programs for adults, teens, children, preschoolers, everyone!!! So the ideas I’ve put in here as drafts before can now become realities! Obviously, this means that I need to post more to keep all of my ideas together. So, any programming ideas anyone may have, please feel free to comment on any program to get them to me or use a social media link to contact me or however you prefer, but I appreciate any help, concerns, or criticisms! Thanks!

Programs for the 20s/30s crowd

This is very much a Work In Progress post with just a few ideas of things from things that I’ve seen while browsing library Tumblr feeds.

  • Bad Art night – set out all the craft supplies and let people go to town. After 45 minutes, hold a Good/Bad/Ugly contest with winners getting paint-by-number sets and paint
  • Punk Rock Aerobics/Heavy Metal Yoga – don’t these just sound crazy awesome?
  • Supernatural (the tv show) program with fake FBI IDs! (obviously fake, but still funny!) – need Photoshop on several computers and a template set up ahead of time