Story Time Idea

Someday, when I’m out of grad school, I really want to do an online (YouTube most likely) preschool story time through whatever library I’m working for. It would be a weekly thing with occasional special posts and it would go up right after that week’s actual story time so that kids who were home sick or couldn’t make it to story time would still get to enjoy all of the stories, finger plays, flannel board stories, etc. that the other children did, but from the comfort of their bed or home. I’d advertise it through the library, possibly on the bottom of the media already available for regular story hour and make it a simple channel title. If the library already had a YouTube account, I could utilize that and just be specific about what days my post was going to go up. I realize there are plenty of channels out there already that have songs and such, and I’d reference them as I do here with links in the description box when I used their songs or ideas. I might even suggest them as additional material. (Hey, when you reference other people, they might reference you back someday and help your following!) I realize putting this idea out here on the internet allows people to copy it… but the more story time material, the more kids we’re helping by providing early literacy to them. It’s a win-win situation! If someone does use my idea though, please let me know and keep in touch with how it goes! Thanks!

Programs for the 20s/30s crowd

This is very much a Work In Progress post with just a few ideas of things from things that I’ve seen while browsing library Tumblr feeds.

  • Bad Art night – set out all the craft supplies and let people go to town. After 45 minutes, hold a Good/Bad/Ugly contest with winners getting paint-by-number sets and paint
  • Punk Rock Aerobics/Heavy Metal Yoga – don’t these just sound crazy awesome?
  • Supernatural (the tv show) program with fake FBI IDs! (obviously fake, but still funny!) – need Photoshop on several computers and a template set up ahead of time